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Roll Forming Machine

Roll Forming Machine

Description of Roll Forming Machine:
This roll forming machine mainly consists of mechanical uncoiler, coil sheet guiding device, main roll former, post cutting device, hydraulic station, and PLC control system.
And in the following, detailed information of those components will be given.
1. Coil Feeding Device:
This coil feeding device is mainly composed of a base and a mechanical uncoiler with a capacity of 5000kgs. The steel sheet is first fed manually to the leveling device, and then automatically fed to the roll former.
2. Guiding Device:
The guiding device uses a guiding bar and sliding blocks to control the width and position of the steel sheet. The steel sheet can be guided into the correct position, and then sent to the roll former.
3. Roll Former:
It is made of high-grade No.45 forged steel, and its main frame is welded separately. And after processed by the machine tool, the rollers will be plated with hard chrome with the thickness of 0.05mm.
4. Post-cutting Device:
This post-coating device adopts welded frame in order to get high rigidity, and the cutting power is provided by the hydraulic station.
5. PLC Control System:
This roll forming machine adopts PLC control system and frequency conversion control system to make the automatic production possible. And both of the PLC and the converter are from Mitsubish of Japan.
6. Hydraulic Station:
The hydraulic station is to provide the initial power to the cutting machine by a closed oil tank. When the cutting work stops, the power will be off. In that way, much power will be saved.

Material of Main Equipment:

Roller Material High-grade No.45 forged steel; plated hard chrome with the thickness of 0.05mm.
Active shaft material High-grade No.45 carbon wrought steel, which can improve the integrated mechanic feature of the shaft
Electric elements PLC control panel, and transducer from Mitsubishi of Japan
Cutter blade Quenched Cr12 mould steel

Standard Equipment of Machine:

Mechanical decoiler 1pc
Guiding device 1set
Roll former 1set
Post-cutting device 1set
Hydraulic station 1pc

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