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Portable water jet cutting machine

Portable Water Jet Cutting Machine

Portable water jet cutting machine, consisting of a high pressure system and numerical control cutting platform, is suitable for cutting materials in various industries. Ultra-high pressure water jet cutter that increases the water pressure and the kinetic energy to a high level can cut chemical fiber, wood, leather, rubber and other soft materials. A mixture of water and a certain proportion of abrasive makes our portable water jet cutting machine capable of cutting almost all solid materials such as ceramic, stone, glass, metal, alloy, etc. Therefore, it is also called a “universal cutting machine”.

Traditional water jet cutting machines cannot move quickly to work under different environment because of the size and weight. Our portable water jet cutting machine can work like common air-operated cutter, and it can be quickly moved to another working place by two operators. Our ultra-high pressure water jet cutter can be used in natural gas pipe cutting. This portable water jet works by using a very high-pressure jet of water, and it will not produce high temperature, making it very safe to operate.

Our portable water jet cutting machines are extensively applied to:
1. Cutting of all kinds of pipes.
2. Cutting operation in construction field, such as offshore platform, oil and gas, chemical plants, etc.
3. Cutting operation of modified waste tank trucks, oil depot, oil and gas pipeline renovation, etc.
4. Strict cold cutting requirement of pipes, such as special stainless steel pipes, etc.
5. Cutting of almost all materials, including rubber, marble, aluminum scrap, polymer materials, etc.

Advantages of Portable water jet cutting machine
1. Cold cutting without thermal influences.
2. Flexible processing of virtually all materials with consistent high quality.
3. Material-saving production due to reduced cutting width and nesting of several parts on a single sheet.
4. Maximum material utilization due to the minimum separation distances of parts (partially free of burrs).
5. Tension-free processed parts due to minimal cutting force.
6. Environmentally friendly and clean production without poisonous gases.
7. This water jet system can be applied to operations of various aspects, such as gas pipe cutting, etc.
8. Our ultra-high pressure water jet cutter is easy and safe to operate with no worry of being injured by high temperature.
9. Our portable water jet cutting machine can be utilized to cut dangerous chemical objects directly. It’s a first choice in emergent cutting situation.
10. It is portable and light enough to be moved to any place for working purposes.

Cutting Parameter

Material Thickness(mm) Cutting Speed (300Mpa System) (mm/min) Cutting Speed(380Mpa System)(mm/min) Cutting Speed(420Mpa System)(mm/min)
Normal Glass 6 1100 - 1200 1400-1500 2100-2250
10 480-600 690-800 1035-1200
19 290-350 400-500 600-750
Granite Panel 20 200-250 260-300 390-450
30 120-150 170-200 255-300
Porcelain Tile 10 610-700 900-1000 1350-1500
Marble Panel 10 500-700 600-900 900-1350
20 260-300 350-400 525-600
30 170-200 260-300 390-450
Laminating Glass 21 310-400 490-600 735-900
Sponge & Foam 20 4000-5000 6000-7000 9000-10500
50 1500-2000 2600-3000 3900-4500
80 1300-1500 1600-2000 2400-3000
Steel Plate 10 150-180 170-220 255-330
20 55-80 75-100 113-150
30 13-20 15-30 22-45
Stainless Steel Plate 1 700-900 1000-1200 1500-1800
3 300-400 500-600 750-900
6 180-220 240-300 360-450
10 80-100 150-180 225-270
16 70-85 85-100 128-150
20 50-60 70-80 105-120
30 20-25 30-40 45-60
Copper Plate 3 850-1000 1350-1500 2025-2250
5 360-500 700-850 1050-1275
20 80-100 160-200 240-300
30 50-60 100-120 150-180
Titanium Alloy 13 50-60 100-115 150-173

1. The above parameter are test data and only for reference.
2. The main factors that affect the quality of cutting surface and cutting speed are water pressure and pressure stability.
3. Abrasive quality, sand amount, nozzle diameter, orifice diameter and the mix of these factors will affect the cutting parameter.
4. The cutting waterjet enjoys high pressure and fast speed. However, its diameter will not be a very accurate value. In addition, the cutting force of central waterjet is better than that of marginal waterjet, so that the effective waterjet diameter will not be an accurate value, either. The kerf width, which depends on the material and its thickness, is about 1-1.5mm. The diameter of cutting hole is around 1.5-2.0mm.

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