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Portable Shot Blasting Machine

Our BYGG series portable shot blasting machine is an advanced shot blasting equipment in both domestic and overseas markets. This mobile shot blaster features environmental protection, energy saving, high efficiency, free of dust and low noise. It only needs one operator, saving labor cost. It is suitable for cleaning tanks for petrochemical and shipbuilding industries, wind power tower, etc.

Working Principle
Abrasive media are lifted to the drum sieve by the bucket elevator. The drum sieve has inside and outside spiral blades. Inside blades can discharge large pieces of mixture; abrasive, sand and dust are sieved, pushed and then fully separated by outside blades.

Working Process
Before starts the machine, we need first prepare the dust removal system, electric hoist and screw conveyor. After preparation all these, lift the workpiece to the blasting station in the cleaning chamber by using the electric hoist. Then start shot blasting and keep cleaning up by using the dust removal system for a certain time. Repeat shot blasting and cleaning process until the surface of the workpiece reaches the required roughness (quality level can reach Sa2.5-3). After this, close shot blasting and shut down the dust removal system.
1. No environmental pollution: fully automatic recovery of dust and metal oxide that produced in the process of blasting, and purification treatment makes it ideal for labor-intensive production workshops.
2. Low electric power consumption: only 0.25 kw/h/m2 (Sa 2.5) power consumption.
3. High efficiency: this portable shot blasting machines can shot 100m2/h (Sa2.5). Its production efficiency is 4-8 times of artificial shot blasting.
4. Reduced labor costs and risk: this mobile shot blaster requires only one person to operate, and workers no longer suffer from pneumoconiosis.
5. Automatic recovery of steel grits: all steel grits can be automatically recovered and separated with dust after recycling.
6. High-quality surface treatment: grade of shot blasting can achieve above Sa3, and high-quality surface treatment makes this mobile shot blaster suitable for heavy anti-corrosion requirements.

Technical Parameter of Portable Shot Blasting Machine

Model BYGG
Rated power input (kW) 24.5
Window size (mm) 300
Dust removal Back-flush
Max. input of steel grits (kg) 100
Shot blasting speed (m2/h) (Ss2.5) 100
Max. surface treatment degree (Sa) ≥ 3
Dia. of steel shot (mm) ≤ 1.0
Overall dimensions (mm) 1330 × 900 × 1600
Weight (kg) 430

Main Parts & Manufacturer of Portable Shot Blasting Machine

No. Parts Name Specification Quantity Brand
1 Shot blast motor 11kW 1 set Taiwan ABLE
2 Lift motor 4kW 1 set Tianjin Daming
3 Lift assembly Mn13 δ=8mm 1 set ABK Machinery
4 Sealing device   1 set ABK Machinery
5 Working mechanism   1 set ABK Machinery
6 Bearing 6306 2 pieces Sweden SKF
7 Filter Φ170mm × 660mm 15 pieces Hebei
8 Back-plate Mn13  δ=12mm 1 set Taigang
9 Control box   1 piece ABK Machinery
10 PLC EC16R 1 set Taiwan Taida
11 Low-voltage electrical components   1 set Tianshui 213
12 Air compressor 2.2kW 1 set Tianjin Haituo
13 Dust removal fan QXPG75-A2-5A 1 set Shandong Yunqing

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