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H-beam Welding Line

H-beam Welding Line

This production line can complete the assembling, welding and straightening of the H-team continuously. It has the simple operation and high automatic operation. The structure is compact can saving the space land of the user, saving labour force, with high production efficiency and in good quality.
This H-beam welding line is comprised of CNC controlled straight / CNC Flame Cutting Machine, H-beam auto assembling machine, gantry type H-beam welding machine, H-beam steel rectifying machine and shot-blasting machine.
Except assembly machine and Straightening machine that should be equipped with traveling crane, other transportation of work piece can be realized with tra-cart, overturning rack, conveyors. It is the right equipments for heavy-duty H-beam with high automation and high efficiency.

H-beam welding lines for medium and heavy industry represent the peak of welding technology in industries that produce kilometers of high quality weld in a day. One of the most significant factors for the quality of the welding is the pressing together of the work pieces during the welding process. Our method, together with high quality welding equipment, gives a perfect weld.
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