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Grinding Machine

Description of Grinding Machine:
This grinding machine, often shortened to grinder, is mainly used for grinding surfaces of work pieces to become exact dimensions, and it can process many kinds of materials, such as metal, ceramic, glass, polymer, semiconductor, etc.
This grinding machine features high precision, low roughness, and reliable performance.

Theoretical Structure and Features of Grinding Machine:
This grinding machine mainly consists of columns, a boom, horizontal and vertical plankers, grinding device, and movement tracking and controlling system.
Its boom is installed on the two moveable columns that are fastened by bolts and flat keys, and the back of the boom has auxiliary joint support. The boom is also fitted with a linear guide, rack gearing device, vertical and horizontal plankers, and more. A chain track is used to make the movement of the boom more convenient.
Two pneumatic lock orbits are applied by the moveable bridge, and the orbits can be automatically open when the door frame starts moving.
The main frame of this grinder is made of high-quality steel with sufficient strength and high rigidity.
The electrical control system mainly consists of sub-electric control boxes, control cable and buttons. And this system can control the movement of door frame, planker, pallet, pneumatic lock of the two ends of the boom, and the grinding heads of the two cylinder valves.

Parameters of Grinding Machine:

1 Rail distance 5000mm
2 Rail length 14000mm
3 Milling head lifting range 300mm
4 Milling head power 1.5KW
5 Carriage motor 1.5KW
6 Linear rail for carriage HGW45CA2R8520
7 linear rail for lifting HGW45CA2R1160
8 Gantry moving power 2×1.5kW
9 Weight of grinding head 600kg
10 Carriage size 500×530mm
11 Gantry moving speed 300-3000mm/min(Frequency)
12 Conveying speed 200-2000mm/min(Frequency)
13 Lifting speed of grinding head 150mm/min
14 Gas pressure 0.8MPa
16 Power 380V/50Hz/3p
17 Gear 3
18 Grinding head 1set

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