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CNC Water Jet Cutting Machine

CNC Water Jet Cutting Machine

Description of CNC Water Jet Cutting Machine:
This CNC water jet cutting machine, also known as CNC waterjet cutting machine or CNC water jet cutter, is mainly used to cut metal and nonmetal materials with high velocity and pressure, such as titanium alloy, copper, aluminum, cast iron, granite, marble, ceramic tile, chemical fiber, lumber, cloth, paper, and plastic. And it is widely used in many fields like mining industry, automobiles, paper, food, art and architecture.
It mainly consists of intensifier pump, cutting table, CNC system, auto sand delivering system, de-ionized water device, and water cooling tank. The CNC system has adopted EVOC brand industrial personal computer, special waterjet cutting software, and Omron brand PLC instead of relay.
This CNC water jet cutter features low noise, no pollution, high precision, good reliability, no dust generation, high cutting efficiency, and no heat deformation.
Besides, we can provide cutting tables at specific requirements of our customers, and examples will be given in the following chart.

Model Width Length
CNC -1010 1000mm 1000mm
CNC-1020 1000mm 2000mm
CNC-1525 1500mm 2500mm
CNC-4060 4000mm 6000mm

Established in 1999, Wuxi ABK Machinery Co.Ltd is a professional manufacturer of CNC water jet cutting machine in China. Apart from CNC water jet cutting machine, we still have many other high-quality products, such as roller cradle, standard welding rotator, wind tower production line, H beam welding line, welding equipment, pipe welding equipment, grinding machine, roll forming machine, plate bending machine, etc. With ISO and CE certification, our products are quite popular among clients from Spain, India, Germany, South Africa, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Russia, Italy, France, Vietnam, and more. If you need CNC water jet cutting machine, please contact us freely.

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