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CNC Table Cutting Machine

CNC Table Cutting Machine

Description of CNC Table Cutting Machine:
This CNC table cutting machine, also widely known as CNC table cutter, is mainly to cut various thin plates like billboards, logo plates, etc.
In the following, we will give you some detailed information about the major components of this CNC table cutter.

1. Mechanical Parts:
1.1. Portal frame:

This CNC table cutting machine has a beam and two longitudinal frames, and the portal frame consists of a driving frame and a beam. The beam is a firm square and hollow frame, which has undergone stress-relief temper treatment.
The longitudinal and transverse guide rails have adopted a highly precise straight rail that is strictly attached to the steel frame. And the longitudinal and transverse driving system is on the lower side of the driving frame, thus stable and reliable transmission is ensured.

1.2. Machine driving:
This table cutter adopts Panasonic servo motor driving system. Both of the longitudinal and transverse driving devices include a gear box and an accurate gear track. The gap between the final gear and gear track can be automatically eliminated so that high accuracy and continuous operation can be ensured. The X and Y axis of this CNC table cutting machine is installed with a SHIMPO decelerator with low noise, and this decelerator and motor are installed as a whole.
The platform machine has adopted a superior lifting regulation device, and it is driven by a speed reducing motor to control the cutting torch.
Besides, this CNC table cutting machine uses a straight bicylindrical guide rail as its guiding pole, thus ensuring the cutting accuracy of the whole machine.

1.3. Materials:

Beam Q235 (A3 steel)
Gear 40 Chrome
Gear track 45 steel
Gear track accuracy level 7
Module 2

2. Electrical parts:
Much attention has been attached to the technical servo system and logical control system of our QL series CNC table cutting machines. The Panasonic alternating current servo driver and motor are used to guarantee the stable and accurate performance of this cutter.

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