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CNC Laser Cutting Machine

CNC Laser Cutting Machine

(Model: QY-LCF1530)
Laser cutting machine glows as laser power drives laser tube, whose light will be passed on to laser head. Then the focusing lens installed on the laser head can assemble light to a point and the point can reach to high temperature, which can instantly turn materials into gas. Thus, air exhauster can absorb the vapor and cutting can be achieved. CNC Laser Cutting Machine’s work area reaches 1500×3000mm.

Functions and Features:
1.China Wuhan Optical Valley Raycus 500W fiber laser.
2. The Wuhan Raycus laser power system. Professional CNC laser cutting motion control system.
3. Heavy machine gantry CNC table adopts the international advanced ball screw drive system, the effective work table 1500 ×3000mm 4.Original Panasonic servo motor, on the silver rail, high speed and high precision ball screw, repeat positioning accuracy of ± 0.02mm, machine cutting precision ≤ ± 0.08mm.
5.Cold refrigeration system: over-temperature protection, temperature stability ± 0.5 ° C, environmentally friendly two-cycle water-cooled machine, titanium evaporation control, 2P one of the cooling water tank.

Main Components

Component Brief Introduction Manufacturer Info
Laser Device China Wuhan Optical Valley Raycus 500W fiber laser Wuhan Raycus
Optical system Wuhan Raycus laser power England
Laser Power 600W pulse laser system Wuhan Raycus
Cutting Head Professional high precision head ABK Technology
Cooling System Overtemperature protection, temperature stability±0.5℃, environmental protection two-cycle water-cooling machine, titanium alloy evaporation tube control, 2P all in one cooling tank ABK Technology
Mechanical Drive System High precision ball screw; original Panasonic Servo Motor; Taiwan HIWIN Guide Rail HIWIN, Taiwan
Tracking & Sensing System High precision self sensing; accuracy ±0.1mm ABK Technology
Working Area 1500×3000mm Made in China
Computing System IPC Made in China
X Axis Servo Unit 1000W single driven Panasonic
Y Axis Servo Unit 3000W single driven Panasonic
Limit Switch NPN Omron
Cutting Software V2.0 ABK Technology
I/O Card 32 points Googol, Shenzhen
Working Platform Gantry type ABK Technology

Main Indexes of QY-LCF500 Laser Cutting Machine

Laser Wavelength            1070nm
Maximum Laser Output Average Power 500W
Laser Repeated Frequency CW
Power Instability =<2%
Minimum Line Cutting 0.2mm (for material below 0.4mm)
Maximum Cutting Speed =<15m/min (depends on different material)
Maximum Cutting Thickness =<5mm (carbon steel)  =<4mm (stainless steel)
Continuous Operating Time >=20 hours
Maximum Cutting Breath 3000mm*1500mm
Working Platform Accuracy ±0.08mm
Repeat Location Accuracy ±0.02mm
Power Supply Three-phase five line exchange 380V±5%, 50Hz±1%
Software Phase selecting provided
Weight of the Machine (Estimated) 4200kg

Equipment Cutting Indexes(This is only for your reference. Speed may be different as for different figure. It should be based on the practical test results.)

Material Thickness (mm) Speed (mm/s) Auxiliary Gas Remark
Stainless Steel 0.3 240 O2 Limiting Velocity
Stainless Steel 0.5 200 O2 Limiting Velocity
Stainless Steel 1 180 O2 Limiting Velocity
Stainless Steel 2 110 O2 Limiting Velocity
Stainless Steel 3 45 O2 Limiting Velocity
Stainless Steel 4 24 O2 Limiting Velocity
Stainless Steel 5 20 O2 Limiting Velocity
Stainless Steel 0.3 150 N2 Limiting Velocity
Stainless Steel 0.5 130 N2 Limiting Velocity
Stainless Steel 1 100 N2 Limiting Velocity
Stainless Steel 1.2 90 N2 Limiting Velocity
Stainless Steel 1.5 60 N2 Limiting Velocity
Stainless Steel 2 40 N2 Limiting Velocity
Stainless Steel 2.5 12 N2 Limiting Velocity
Carbon Steel 1 170 O2 Limiting Velocity
Carbon Steel 2 80 O2 Limiting Velocity
Carbon Steel 3 40 O2 Limiting Velocity
Carbon Steel 4 20 O2 Limiting Velocity
Carbon Steel 5 15 O2 Limiting Velocity
Carbon Steel 6 10 O2 Limiting Velocity
Aluminium Sheet 1 80 O2 Limiting Velocity

Accessories and Specifications

Item Quantity Remark
Specifications 1 piece  
Protective Lens 5 pieces For free
Spray Nozzle 2 pieces For free
Inner Hexagon Wrench 1 set For free
Professional Polishing Paper 1 piece For free

1. Unit price contains 17% value added tax
2. Quality guarantee period: one year
3. Delivery: 30 days
4. Payment terms: subject to the terms on the final contract

Quality Guarantee
In order to ensure product quality, ABK Technology Company has made specified standard for every manufacturing process. ABK takes careful control of the whole process, from storing material to moving the machine out. All this can ensure high quality products.

1, Pre-Sale Service
Provide consulting service of customers, such as engineering staff, user department, supply department and so on; technological experiments of samples; model choosing etc.
All the services above are free of charge.
2, Training & Installation
Training: deliver the machine to the designated place; help installation, testing and confirmation if need; after fulfilling the terms of the contract, take free training to no less than 2 persons…
1. Laser protection knowledge
2. Basic principles of laser device and structure of laser cutter
3. Operating skills of controlling system
4. Operating methods and precautions
5. Daily maintenance, laser adjustment and component changing
The training will last for about a week.
3, Equipment Testing & Confirmation
After signing the contract, ABK Technology will design and manufacture strictly based on customer’s requirements. Customer should test the equipment on all technological standards in ABK Company. After installation and testing, two parties will confirm the feasibility, stability and reliability of the equipment according to the standards.
4, After-Sale Service
ABK Technology Company provides one-year warranty, lifelong maintenance and technological support as need. During warranty period, if any problem or damage of components (Human factors and force majeure except), ABK will help repair and change damaged parts (except parts that easily wear and tear) for free. After warranty period, customers need to pay repair fee and the basic fee of the material.
At least four time visits will be offered to customers.
After sale service response time is for 2 hours. After-sale engineer will give specific reply or arrive within 24 hours.
If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.

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